Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’m Delicia and I’m currently studying Nutrition at the University of Surrey. I have been interested in science and food since I was little and I started my Instagram account about a year ago to share plant-based recipes and nutrition advice.

I truly believe that eating a balanced plant-based diet is the best way someone can eat to feel their best. Recently it seems like people have gotten a bit carried away with ‘clean’ and healthy eating. This is something I want to change and part of the reason why I start to study nutrition at the beginning of this year. I think if we can combine evidence-based nutritionist with a more holistic approach to nutrition. Using the best of both sides. Yes, it is so important to nourish your body and eat the foods that make you feel the best, but balance is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As well as providing your body with the essential nutrients, you shouldn’t feel bored or deprived.

I think that eating more plant-based foods can benefit everyone. You don’t have to be 100% vegan, vegetarian or any label to improve your health and the impact animal agriculture has on the environment, you just have to eat more consciously.

As crazy as it seems I wasn’t always interested in healthy eating, in fact, up until last year, my diet was quite the opposite – ready-made food, takeaways, snack food, and anything sugary … with the very little fruit and vegetables. This was fine for a while but over time, a poor diet takes it toll on your health. I started to struggle with IBS symptoms, acne, thin hair and I was losing a lot of weight because I just wasn’t enjoying the food I was eating anymore. It also affected my mental health. Anxiety, depression and panic attacks ruled my life – not much fun at all. I have spent so much time feeling like I am just surviving and not enjoying life and it really shouldn’t be that way.

I realized something had to change and practically overnight I changed my diet to mostly whole plant-based foods. In a week, I started to feel better and a year on I am still learning and improving every single day. And believe me, I’m not saying this diet is some sort of magical cure but it has really helped me when paired with exercise and self-care. I really think if you aren’t getting the basics right – sleeping/resting enough, drinking water, eating well, exercise and taking care of yourself then you really can’t expect to feel your best. This is something I am constantly reminding myself!

Throughout the past year, I realized many of the plant-based recipes online are too expensive, time-consuming or just don’t taste or look good. So I have spent a lot of time coming up with my own recipes and I have also become more interested in food styling. Making food look beautiful as well as taste great is something I am very passionate.

I really my blog can be useful and enjoyable to read whether you interested in a plant-based diet or just trying to live a much healthier life!

Delicia x