Health Blogger of The Year ShortList

Health Blogger of The Year ShortList

Hello everyone! I have some really exciting news to share with you all if you haven’t seen my social media posts. I have been shortlisted to win Best Health Blogger of the Year Award by the health bloggers community, which I am so grateful for, considering I have only been posting on my blog seriously for the last couple months! But at this time I really feel like my food photography and writing has improved dramatically! I have two blogs (this one and and I’m a full-time student, so it can be quite stressful at times but things like this make it all worthwhile! I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my own health journey and what my plans are for this blog.

The award I was shortlisted for is Best Health Blogger of The Year which is the only category you cannot enter yourself and the blogger who stands out most from the crowd is chosen for this. The award ceremony is a collaboration between the health bloggers community and that protein which celebrated the ever growing health bloggers community around the world. The awards this year are focused in the UK and EU. But here is where I need your help! The public votes count for 30% of the final score and the judges count for 70% and are based on various criteria. So in order to make this happen, I need to click the link below and vote for me! You have until the 2nd of August so please vote as soon as possible.

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I am still so shocked that I was shortlisted for that award but now I would really like to explain why I think I deserve to win and you should vote for me. My health journey began at quite a young age. It was in 2015 when I was in my final year of Sixth Form. Before this point I had never really worried about my health, I had struggled a bit with anxiety but nothing too severe. But during the early months of that year I started to feel really sick and tired all the time and I started to become so anxious and depressed I couldn’t leave the house and I missed a lot of lessons at school which really affects my A-level grades. After scrolling through Instagram one day curled up in bed feeling awful I came across some health bloggers who explained how they improved their physical and mental health through diet and exercise. I had to do something, at this point I was feeling completely hopeless and suicidal. So overnight I changed my diet to whole foods and plant-based and started to incorporate yoga and running into my everyday life. Within a few days I started to feel better and within a few weeks my skin started to clear up, my hair and nails felt healthier, my digestion got better, I started to go out more which made me happier and I just felt healthier overall. Believe me, I don’t think this is some magical cure, sometimes I do still struggle but it really has made such a huge positive change in my life.

I just finished studying a year of Biological and Chemical Sciences at Coventry University and I’m now going on to study Nutrition at the University of Surrey which is the best in the country for the course. I really want to be a nutritionist because I feel like through my own experiences and the science to back it up I can really help people improve their lives through their diet. As well as being a Nutritionist and having my own clients one day I would really love to be able to turn this blog into my own business. Ever since I started I have dreamed of having my own cafe, teaching cooking classes and having my own range of healthy food products. I know it sounds crazy for a blog which is so small but I really do think its possible and I really do think winning an award like this would help me achieve that.

Not only would this be an amazing personal achievement but I also want to try and prove other people that no matter how bad the situation you are in seems it is always going to get better and you can always make a positive change in your life. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to get there, it just matters that you are trying your hardest. Please remember to vote for me before the 2nd of August and make this happen!

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